Sunday, September 24, 2017 

French prosecutors finally declare Sarah Halimi's murder a hate crime

After months of lobbying, it looks like the fight to have the legal system recognize Sarah Halimi's murder by an Islamofascist as the anti-semitic crime it was has finally been successful:
Prosecutors investigating the April slaying of a Jewish woman by her neighbor said for the first time that her killing was an anti-Semitic hate crime.

The characterization by prosecutors Wednesday in the death of Sarah Halimi followed months of lobbying and protest by French Jews, who were outraged by the absence of aggravated circumstances in the indictment against Kobili Traore. The 27-year-old Muslim man confessed to the killing and was heard shouting about Allah and calling Halimi “Satan” shortly before throwing her out the window of her three-story apartment.

Francis Kalifat, the president of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities, said in a statement to the media that he and other French Jews were “satisfied and relieved by the inclusion finally of an admission of the anti-Semitic character of the murder.”
It will be even more satisfying if we can be sure the monster from the ummah will be given a life sentence in prison, or better still, the death sentence, something which should be reinstated in Europe's legal systems for dealing with hate crime culprits. Here's more on the case from i24 News.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017 

Iraq takes on IS in Hawijah

Something positive the Iraqi government and military are doing now:
The Iraqi government, backed by the US and other allies, launched a new offensive against the Islamic State in the Hawijah district of Kirkuk province earlier today. The area is considered one of the self-declared caliphate’s two remaining strongholds inside Iraq.

The Hawijah pocket is located south of Mosul between the city of Kirkuk and the Tigris River. The Islamic State has used it as a launching pad for operations in Baiji, Tikrit, and Kirkuk.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced the operation in a statement online, saying it is the “first stage of the liberation of Hawijah.”
But if Islam isn't done away with, it won't be the last effort to liberate any place that's been damaged by it.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017 

Antifa anarchists on trial in France for endangering police

If you thought it was bad enough what Antifa was doing in the USA, wait'll you see what at least one of their members was arrested for doing while rioting in France (Hat tip: Hot Air and Ace of Spades):
A transgender American student is among nine defendants facing up to 10 years in jail over a violent anti-fascist demonstration in France.

The protesters are accused of smashing up and then setting fire to a police car while two officers were still inside during a march in Paris in May last year.

The American, named only as 28-year-old Kara B., has already admitted throwing a metal bar at officers while 'driven by excitement and anger'.

Joining her in the dock are brothers Antonin and Angel Bernanos, 19 and 23, the great-grandsons of Georges Bernanos, one of France's most famous writers.

The pair are students at Nanterre University, in the suburbs of Paris.

Along with fellow defendant Bryan Morio, 22, all have been described as belonging to the Radical Ultra-Left Movement.
Read everything available, and watch the video, but be warned that it's graphic. If there's anybody else in France who's dangerous besides the Islamofascists, it's ultra-leftists like the ones who committed this horrific crime, and are now standing trial for their repulsive acts.

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Are they out of their minds?

The US students who were attacked with hydrochloric acid by a possible Islamofascist in Marseille are forgiving their assailant:
The four American college students attacked with acid at a Marseille train station have forgiven their assailant, who reportedly suffers from a mental illness, a university spokesman said Monday.

The four women, on a study-abroad year, have all said they intend to remain in Europe to continue their studies, the spokesman for Boston College, the private Jesuit school they attend, told The Associated Press.[...]

Two of the students had asked for prayers for their assailant in Facebook posts late Sunday.
This is absolutely stupefying, and runs the gauntlet of making people feel even more disillusioned with Christianity than need be, if they're going to go by such an absurd mindset of forgiveness, as though they're required to. I'm very disappointed, because it does nothing to help deal with Islamofascism anywhere, and some of the commenters at the article seem to think the same. Very sad they're buying into the whole mental illness excuse to the fullest.

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Monday, September 18, 2017 

UK police had arrested suspect in train bombing 2 weeks prior, and wouldn't keep him in custody

It appears another catch-and-release custom was in effect, rather than ensure the culprit wouldn't be able to carry out his evil plan:
The alleged “refugee” teenager held in connection with Friday’s terror attack in London was arrested just two weeks before the attack, neighbours who knew his foster family have claimed.

The “foreign” 18-year-old is thought to have been living with a well-known foster couple in Sunbury-on-Thames.

Police raided the address on Saturday in connection with an attack Friday morning on London’s Tube network. A ‘bucket bomb’ with a timer partially detonated at Parson’s Green station injuring around 30 people. Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

[...] “He was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism and transferred to custody in a police station in London.

“Officers from Kent police had to partially evacuate the port of Dover at 11 am this morning. That work is now complete and they have recovered a number of items during that search.”
Releasing him was a prime example of incompetence. However, another's been identified:
The second of two men arrested in connection with Friday morning’s Parsons Green London tube network attack has been named as 21-Year-Old Syrian migrant Yahyah Farouk.

The Syrian migrant — who has been reported to have been fostered by the same British couple who also cared for a number of refugees including the 18-year-old male presently being held as the prime suspect — is thought to have lived in the UK for over four years.

Damascus-origin Yahyah Farouk was arrested outside a Halal fried chicken shop Aladdins in Hounslow, reports The Times.

The Syrian’s Facebook profile included a number of pictures around central London including one of the London Eye tourist attraction with an Arabic phrase from the Koran which translated as “And God would not punish them when they asked forgiveness”, said the paper.
The jihadists should be punished for the evil they've done.

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A clear connection between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism

A new study published in the UK gives some vital info about two equally evil ideologies:
An unprecedented study of anti-Semitism conducted in Britain showed an “unambiguous” connection between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

An unprecedented study of anti-Semitism conducted by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) in Britain revealed that one in three citizens holds at least one anti-Semitic attitude, and showed an “unambiguous” link between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

More than 4,000 members of the public contributed to the study in late 2016 and early this year, making it the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel ever carried out in the country.

Collectively, around 30 percent of the adult British population showed “anti-Semitic attitudes at different intensities,” the report found. Meanwhile, 15 percent of citizens endorsed two or more anti-Semitic statements put to them, while an additional 15 percent agreed with one of them.

But the report also clarified that views, which researchers described as “hardcore anti-Semitic,” are harbored by no more than 2.4 percent of the British public. Around 70 percent of the population have a favorable opinion of Jews and “do not entertain any anti-Semitic ideas or view at all.”
I hope the latter part is a sign that attitudes towards Israel are improving in Britain, though many problems still remain. How to deal with them and put an end to ages old hatred is anyone's guess.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017 

Iraqi Jewish archive should not be returned

A writer at Israel Hayom makes the case for not returning a Jewish archive of old writings and Torah pages to Iraq's government, although there's one part where he slips:
As part of the restoration process, the National Archives digitized the collection. Congressional representatives and the American administration faced heavy pressure, mainly from Jewish groups, not to return the archive to Iraq, but last week, a final decision was taken to hand the collection back to Iraq about a year from now.

This decision is both absurd and pathetic, like giving a thief back what he stole. The question being asked in Jewish circles is whether the U.S. is trying to make up for invading Iraq and its failure to find chemical weapons there. Why should the U.S. return the collection to a place that is no longer home to Jews? Returning the archive to the Iraqis is like returning the belongings of European Jews to the Nazis; it's stolen Jewish property.

Even though the Jews of Iraq lived in Babylon before the advent of Islam and before the Prophet Muhammad came along, there are no Jews there today. More than 150,000 Iraqi Jews left the country over the course of the 20th century, some motivated by Zionism, and others by fear for their lives. Iraq didn't know how to protect its Jews, and as early as 1941, hundreds of Iraqis were slaughtering Jews in the Farhud (pogrom).
Didn't know how to protect? I don't think they even wanted to; they allowed the modern pogrom to take place and were more or less run by Islamofascism at the time, so is this a shock? Not today.

That said, the archive most definitely must not be returned, and it's regrettable if they do.

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4 American tourists attacked with hydrochloric acid in Marseille by woman whose identity remains concealed

Once again, we have a case of assault, and again, French authorities and press are keeping the culprit's identity secret:
Four young American women were attacked with acid Sunday in the French city of Marseille by a woman who has been arrested, the Marseille prosecutor's office said.

Two of the tourists were injured in the face in the attack in the city's main Saint Charles train station and one of them has a possible eye injury, a spokeswoman for the Marseille prosecutor's office told The Associated Press in a phone call.

She said all four of the women, who are in their 20s, have been hospitalized, two of them for shock.

The spokeswoman said the 41-year-old female suspect did not make any extremist threats or declarations during the attack. She said there were no obvious indications that the woman's actions were terror-related, but added that officials could not be 100 percent sure about ruling out terror links at such an early stage of the investigation.

The spokeswoman spoke on condition of anonymity, per the custom of the French judicial system.

She did not release any further details about the suspects or the victims, including where in the United States the tourists were from.

The Marseille fire department was alerted just after 11 a.m. and dispatched four vehicles and 14 firefighters to the train station, a department spokeswoman said.

Two of the Americans were "slightly injured" with acid but did not require emergency medical treatment from medics at the scene, the spokeswoman said. She requested anonymity in keeping with fire department protocol.

A spokesman for the United States embassy in Paris said the U.S. consulate in Marseille was in contact with French authorities about the attack investigation and the condition of the American women.
Here's more information. They don't seem to have suffered the worst form of acid attack, but this is still very obscene. Especially when they try to keep the criminal's identity secret. The US authorities should be demanding public answers and that better security be provided everywhere, for both citizen and visitor.

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Friday, September 15, 2017 

Underaged girls in Australia being forced into marriages with adult men whose religion not mentioned

Australia's Channel 7 superficially reported about Muslim marriages to 9-year-old girls (Hat tip: Breitbart):
More than 50 girls as young as nine are being forced to marry older men in Australia, in exclusive documents obtained by 7 News.

Australian Federal Police documents can reveal the disturbing reality of child brides in Australia.

In just two years 57 children were reported at risk of being forced into marriage – all within the Sydney area.

Two children on the mid-north coast, two in the Murrumbidgee area, one in the Hunter and another in Illawarra were at risk, according to the documents.

Another document references an email with a girl saying she is being held against her will while a situation report details allegations of a forced marriage at the end of the school year and a human trafficking referral mentions a girl travelled out of Australia and was exploited.

Unfortunately, it’s at the airport where the trail runs cold for investigators when Australian girls are taken overseas and forced to marry.
And this is the worst part, that the authorities failed quite a few of the victims, who might end up dying in slavery. The news company also has to shoulder blame for their cowardice to mention the Religion of Peace's role in this.

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French soldier attacked by knifing Muslim near Paris train station

And now, another terrorist assault's taken place in Paris:
A man armed with a knife attacked a French anti-terror soldier outside of a Paris metro station, with reports that the assailant made ‘references to Allah and Islamic State’.

A soldier deployed as part of the anti-terror operation Sentinel was attacked by a knife-wielding man who is reported to have made references t0 “Daesh” (Islamic State), according to Le Parisien.

The attack occurred at 6:30 am local time Friday morning at the Chatelet metro station, and the man was arrested without causing injury to the soldier. No one else was attacked or injured.

According to a police source, the assailant “made references to Allah”. The attacker is believed to not be known to police.
But his ideology most definitely should be, and any continuing failure to admit to that only makes the situation worse.

Update: in another incident the same day, another Muslim attacked two women in Toulouse with a hammer.

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London subway attacked by terrorist bombing again

The last time I know of when the London subway faced a terrorist attack was 12 years ago. Another terrible incident's taken place at Parsons Green Tube station:
An "explosion" on board a packed Tube train sparked panic during the morning rush hour.

Commuters fled in terror after hearing an explosion and feeling a "heatwave" and "shot of flames" move through a carriage on board a District line train.

Panicked witnesses described being “horrified and shaken” after the incident at Parsons Green station at 8.20am on Friday.

The ambulance service said it is currently assessing “the level and nature of injuries”. Armed police and 50 firefighters were sent to the station.

One passenger told the Standard she saw a lady who appeared to have been burnt and a man with "a wound on his head". Another witness said they have "never been so scared in my life".

All trains are suspended between Earl's Court and Wimbledon as emergency services deal with the incident.

A photo allegedly from the scene shows what looks like a bucket on the train which appears to have flames coming from it.
If my estimations are correct, Brexit will not be enough to put an end to what Europe's now facing. Only deporting as many Muslims as possible from all affected countries will help.

Update: more information here.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017 

Islamofascist goes on assaulting rampage in Toulouse

Another Muslim went about assaulting people in France, and shouted out a most familiar, nasty slogan:
The man, believed to be in his early 40s, shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before launching an attack on members of the public on Avenue Frederic-Estebe.

Officers were quickly alerted to the situation by passersby and it took three officers to bring the situation under control, according to French news site La Depeche.

One man told local media: "We were chatting and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We ran."

The attacker was not carrying any weapons but two victims were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

According to local reports, the man is well-known to authorities.

The police union SGP unit responded immediately and "gives its full support to the officials involved” while praising the “professional and cool” handling of a “delicate” situation.

The perpetrator is believed to have stayed in a psychiatric hospital before he was released in April this year and reportedly burst into tears when officials managed to detain him.
I see, so again, they're using the excuse that he was merely mentally disturbed, instead of getting to the deeper issues involved. His crying after arrest is a most likely sob story, and it's not new at all for Muslim victimologists. He should be yelled at severely for all the trouble he's going to cause.

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