Wednesday, May 24, 2017 

Islamisogyny drove the Manchester suicide bombing

The Washington Post, of all places (via Hot Air) explained how Islam's hatred of women played a part in the attack on the concert in England:
“It’s very well known that misogyny is deeply rooted in the radical Islamist worldview,” said Shashank Joshi, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a London-based think tank…

“There’s a connection between the targeting of a concert like this and the enslavement of young girls in northern Iraq,” said Joshi.

For Joshi, Islamist ideology has long used the hatred of women as a starting point for condemning Western society seen as immoral and “decadent.” [...]

“If you go back to early Islamist documents,” he said, “misogyny and cultural hostility have often been two sides of the same coin.”
I'd add that misogyny and antisemitism go hand in glove, and it shouldn't be surprising if an advocate of one is willing to condone the other.

As interesting as it is to find the Post publishing a report like this, they're only likely to do it after tragedies like these, and not before. Since we're on the topic, the irony is that, for a religion that condemns homosexuals to death, their very conduct with sex segregation is practically what leads to homosexuality, and it wouldn't be shocking at all if the Muslim overlords knew that. Put another way, they're practically turning their subjects homosexual.

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One of Macron's top aides is accused of nepotism

The pretentious new French president Emmanuel Macron just had his first scandal:
French President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to clean up politics has suffered its first blow, with a newspaper report suggesting a dubious property deal by one of his ministers.

Social Cohesion Minister Richard Ferrand denies wrongdoing.

Investigative paper Le Canard Enchaine reported Wednesday that in 2011, an insurance company then run by Ferrand struck a rental deal with a company owned by Ferrand’s romantic partner for 42,000 euros ($47,000) a year. The paper also says Ferrand hired his son as a parliamentary aide for a gross salary of 8,704 euros for a “few months.”
He can deny all he wants, but I wouldn't be shocked at all if he's guilty. And I sincerely hope this'll complicate his party's chances in the parliamentary elections.

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Rand Paul is right about this: the US should not make arms deals with the Saudis

Kentucky senator Rand Paul's going to force a vote to oppose any arms deal Trump's administration makes with Saudi Arabia. Here's why:
There’s an arms export legislation from the 1970s and it gives the power to one senator to ask for a vote if they object to an arms sale. I think that by selling Saudi Arabia more arms, we further the arms race. We encourage more arms to be bought on both sides of the arms race. I think that there’s evidence that Saudi Arabia has been involved with terrorism. One of the leaked emails from Hillary Clinton was her saying that ‘my goodness, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS in Syria—we need to do something to get them to quit funding these radical groups. So there’s a lot of evidence. There’s even evidence going back to 9/11. Sen. Graham—Bob Graham—said that he thought that there was from the 28 pages and other evidence that there was a great deal of evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia’s government actually being involved in 9/11.
Paul's absolutely right that the Saudis don't deserve any more weapons than they've already got. Definitely not if they continue as an autocracy oppressing women and torturing/murdering anybody who disagrees with them. And definitely not if they bankroll attacks on western countries, along with antisemitic and racist school curriculum.

If jihadism is to be defeated, then Saudi Arabia's dictatorship has to be brought down too. Giving them weapons so long as they're bound to keep up their sick conduct won't do that.

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Nir Barkat calls for moving USA embassy to Jerusalem

With Donald Trump having paid a visit, mayor Barkat's made another call for moving the embassy, and not fearing threats of violence:
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke this morning (Tuesday) to hundreds of Jews from around the world who participated in the Jerusalem Day events organized by the World Mizrachi Movement.

Speaking at the conference at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, the mayor reviewed the city's achievements in tourism, technology, and culture and asked to convey a message to President Trump.

"I say clearly, they will never divide Jerusalem," Barkat said. "To President Trump we are grateful and say again that we want to see the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem."

"We are not afraid of it, because we are fighting the bad guys in any case ... do the right thing, do not give in to any threat - transfer the embassy to Jerusalem," he said.
That's exactly what should be done, and we're still waiting for it to happen.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 

UK authorities knew who suicide bomber was

The identity of the Muslim suicide bomber in Manchester has been revealed:
Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber behind the deadly Manchester Arena bombing Monday night, was reportedly already known to security services but was not judged to be a threat – making Manchester the latest European city to be hit by a terror attack committed by someone known to authorities.

Authorities revealed the identity of the suspected suicide bomber Tuesday afternoon, hours after the Libyan origin British citizen was named by CBS News. [...]

The prime minister said police and security teams were working “at speed” to get the full picture of what happened, and to establish if Abedi was working by himself or as part of a wider group. Mrs. May had earlier said they believed they knew the identity of the perpetrator, but would not confirm his name.

The Evening Standard reported the bomber, who has not immediately been identified by authorities, “was known to security services but they did not believe he posed an immediate threat”. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack online.

If Abedi was indeed known to authorities, it would mark the latest in a number of terrorists who committed terrorist atrocities despite having been monitored by security services.
Besides the failure to employ administrative detention of any sort to prevent horrors like what he caused from happening, the authorities also have to shoulder blame for the terrible security at the arena:
A mother who was at the Ariana Grande concert with her daughter has criticised security checks carried out as they entered the venue.

Dawn Waddy was at the Manchester Arena with her daughter Holly and a friend when the explosion took place and said there should have been more security staff in the arena.

She said: "We walked through the doors when we had our tickets and they scan your tickets and we wasn't even checked.

"They never checked bags at all, I never saw them check anybody's bags."
Their disastrous security measures are exactly why this awful attack was able to take place.

Raheem Kassam at Breitbart also notes that this is the real war on women that just occurred.

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Poland premier says Germany's responsible for opening the floodgate to Muslim migrants

And they'll have to pay the price, and take responsibility for what they've led to:
Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), says it was Germany’s decision to open Europe’s borders, not Poland’s, and his countrymen should not have to pay for their neighbour’s mistakes.

“We have not opened Europe for refugees – Ms Merkel has,” the veteran conservative told public broadcaster TVP Info. “And it is Ms Merkel and Germany that have to bear the consequences, not Poland.”
Merkel's going to be recalled in history as one of the worst politicians in modern Europe for all the mistakes she's made, and even the ones she never made any attempt to repair. As are all other of Europe's bad politicians who vehemently refuse to mend any of the mistakes made.

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22 people murdered in suicide bombing at Manchester concert

Including children. An Ariana Grande concert in the UK was hit by tragedy after a nailbomb murdered 22, including several teenage girls:
Twenty-two people, including children, were killed and dozens injured when a man detonated a bomb at a pop concert by US star Ariana Grande, in Britain’s deadliest terror attack in 12 years.

Screaming fans, many of them teens, fled the venue in panic after the bomb blast at the end of the concert in the northern English city of Manchester on Monday evening.

“There was heat on my neck and when I looked up there were bodies everywhere,” Elena Semino, who was waiting for her 17-year-old daughter, told the Guardian newspaper.

Semino, who was herself injured, said she had been standing by the ticket office of the 21,000-capacity indoor Manchester Arena when the explosion went off.

[...] There were children among the 22 killed in the attack, while 59 people were injured, Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins said early Tuesday.
It's the most awful terrorist attack in Britain since the suicide bombings in London in 2005. Yet no guarantee anybody will wake up and recognize that Islam is the problem.

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Monday, May 22, 2017 

Trump's visit to Israel goes pretty well

Donald Trump arrived today for his visit to Israel, and it went over surprisingly well:
President Donald Trump on Monday touched down in Israel for a 24-hour visit to the Jewish state, the second stop of his first foreign as U.S. president.

Trump was greeted at a red carpet ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv by a large delegation that included Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah as well as Netanyahu’s cabinet, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, government ministers and Knesset Members.

Trump’s tour here marks the first time a U.S. president visited Israel during a first presidential trip abroad.

“Never before has the first foreign trip of the president of the United States included a visit to Israel,” Netanyahu said in his remarks at the airport ceremony. “Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you for this powerful expression of your friendship to Israel.

Upon landing, Trump praised “unbreakable bond” between the U.S. and Israel. “On my first trip overseas as president, I have come to this sacred and ancient land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and the State of Israel,” Trump said.

“We love Israel, we respect Israel, and I bring the warmest greetings from your friend and ally, all of the people of the United States of America,” Trump stated.
The issue of Iran's nuclear threat was brought up in press conferences, and why it's vital to bring them down. Of course, the same goes for many other Islamic regimes, and Saudi Arabia has to be told again that they're to cease with their own bigoted conduct.

Breitbart also notes that Melanie Trump made quite an impact.

So was Trump's visit a positive example overall? I'd say yes. Even so, there's still a lot more that needs to be done.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017 

Ehud Olmert violates prison requirements on classified data

The former prime minister who turned out to be a traitor got himself in more hot water with the law after he and his lawyer tried to smuggle classified documents out of the prison:
Imprisoned former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert flouted the law by asking his attorney to carry classified documents on his behalf, an official said Saturday.

Last Wednesday, Olmert met one of his attorneys in Wing 10 of the Maasiyahu Prison. At the end of the visit, the Israel Prison Service staff discovered that the lawyer was carrying the documents in question, even though both he and Olmert knew that they were not allowed to remove documents from the prison premises, especially not classified ones.

Regulations stipulate that any lawyer who meets with a prisoner signs a power of attorney document declaring that the sole purpose of the visit is to discuss the prisoner's legal needs.

Intelligence officials in the IPS questioned the lawyer about the material in his possession, and began to suspect that the documents were classified. The IPS then reported the incident to the Israel Police, the State Attorney's Office, and the security director of the Defense Establishment Unit in the Defense Ministry, which has launched an investigation into the matter.
As a result of the illegality, the prison system will be revoking his furlough rights and hopefully, he'll get an even more extended sentence for his felony. The man's demonstrated he was never suited for his jobs to start with.

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PLO remains fully opposed to moving US embassy to Jerusalem

The US embassy still hasn't been moved to Jerusalem, though there's plenty who fully back doing so. But among those who don't, the main opposition is one of the most anti-Israel movements of all, the PLO:
Moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would end the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat warned on Saturday.

“We believe that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would mean the end of the peace process,” said Erekat, who is also secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), during a World Economic Forum meeting at the Dead Sea in Jordan on Saturday.

Erekat’s warning is the latest of a series of similar declarations from Arab and Muslim leaders.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who is slated to meet with Trump in Bethlehem on Tuesday, said in January that if Trump moves the embassy, it will “destroy the peace process.” Abbas’ senior aide and the PA’s supreme Sharia judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash stated that an embassy transfer would be a “declaration of war.” And earlier this month, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said it would be “extremely ill-advised” for Trump to move the embassy.
Ah, the same Erdogan who ordered his thugs to attack Yazidi, Kurdish and Armenian protestors outside the Turkish embassy in Washington DC. That sure carries plenty of weight. Also note how the PLO goes by sharia law, what with a judge they employ who specializes in the dark practice. There's never been any negotiations, only dictations.
Erekat also met with opposition member Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) – his counterpart in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – and the two expressed their hope that Trump would be successful in his efforts to jumpstart the moribund peace process.
Oh, and then there's Livni, who clearly remains one of the worst local dhimmis. I'm sure she's opposed to moving the embassy as well. She remains as bad a problem now as she was years ago.

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Women are terrorized by migrants in eastern Paris suburb

Here's another neighborhood around Paris that's become a no-go zone full of Islamofascist migrants, and women are scared to go out of their houses:
Women in the east Paris district of Chapelle-Pajol are claiming that they cannot leave their homes without being subjected to verbal abuse from migrants in the area.
Over the past year or so the district has become a no-go area for women as migrants and drug dealers have flooded the area. Dozens of these groups of young men crowd the streets, harassing women who walk by wearing what they consider to be immodest clothing Le Parisien reports.

The situation for women has gotten so bad in the area that many women are effectively banned from cafes and bars. 50-year-old Natalie, who has been a resident of the area for 30 years said, “these are insults, incessant reflections. The atmosphere is agonising, to the point of having to modify our itinerary, our clothes. Some even gave up going out.”

An 80-year-old female resident is said to have totally stopped leaving her apartment after being sexually assaulted as she was returning home one day.

Aurélie, 38, who has lived in the area for 15 years said that the cafe below her apartment has turned into an exclusively male establishment. “I have to listen to a lot of remarks when I pass in front, especially since they drink a lot,” she said.

“A few days ago, the simply standing by my window triggered a flood of insults and I had to lock myself in my apartment. I used to walk down the Boulevard de la Chapelle from Stalingrad [metro station], even late at night … It’s unthinkable today,” she added.

The Stalingrad metro was the former location of a large makeshift migrant camp in Paris which was cleared and relocated to Porte de la Chapelle. Earlier this month Breitbart London visited the camp and talked to the migrants there. All blamed Europe for their situation and demanded handouts from the French government.
Pure socialist monsters in motion. And the cafe even welcomes such creeps to buy there? Shameful. They say they're going to arrange with city officials to tour the area. But unless some serious help can be thought of, this neighborhood too could become even worse. What they need to do is reach out to USA Congress members, who could be of help too. Yes, seriously.

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Wow: Trump actually did make an impact in Saudi Arabia

It looks like I may have misjudged Trump on whether he'd bring up Islamic terrorism, and also the House of Saud's oppression of women during his trip there. He gave a speech that delivered much better than thought:
Before President Trump delivered his first big international speech, an address in Saudi Arabia to dozens of Arab leaders, reports swirled that he would not utter the words "radical Islamic terror."

Of course he said the words -- repeatedly -- and much more. He lectured the Saudis on human rights, including the nation's long repression of women. And most of all, he laid out -- in simple black and white terms -- the real battle that is has been raging for two decades.

"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," Trump told some 50 Muslim leaders gathered in an ornate conference center in Riyadh. "This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. This is a battle between good and evil."

And Trump said the Muslim world has an obligation -- even a moral imperative -- to squelch terror emanating from the Muslim faith. "Every time a terrorist murders an innocent person, and falsely invokes the name of God, it should be an insult to every person of faith," Trump said. "That means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires."

And Trump appeared to give the Muslim leaders a direct order about the terrorists who declare their Muslim faith demands they kill infidels.

"Drive them out!" Trump said. "Drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your communities, drive them out of your Holy Land, and drive them out of this Earth!"
Yes, that's pretty good there. Even so, let's remember that Islam itself is the problem, what led to the terrorists, and that there's such a thing as taqqiya.

In fact, it should be noted that giving money to Saudi Arabia in a business deal is ill-advised, because this is the country that spawned the 9-11 hijackers. So while the speech by Trump is admirable, I'll still have to note that providing them with any resources for as long as they remain Islamic is ill-advised. The widow of a 9-11 victim wrote a letter to Trump urging him not to take any steps that could make it harder to punish the Saudis for their role in the WTC tragedy:
Ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend, the national chair of the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism advocacy group wrote a letter to the leader of the free world. The letter urges him not to buckle under pressure from Saudi Arabia and potentially weaken a provision in a law that would allow the families of victims of America’s most devastating terrorist attack to sue countries involved in carrying out terrorism.
Breitbart News acquired an exclusive copy of Terry Strada’s letter to President Trump urging him to remain steadfast in his support for families of 911 victims who are suing the government of Saudi Arabia under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which was first enacted in 1976.

JASTA creates a path for U.S. citizens to file civil claims against foreign governments for wrongful deaths, injuries, and property damage related to terrorist acts that were financed by those governments. The law also removes any government’s sovereign immunity — in this case Saudi Arabia’s — from being sued if it were involved in a terrorist attack against the United States.

The majority of hijackers on September 11, 2001, were Saudi citizens.

Strada lost her husband, Tom, in the devastating terrorist attacks that claimed nearly 3,000 lives on September 11, 2001.
Read the rest for some of the letter itself. She's absolutely correct that the government cannot allow Saudi Arabia to get away with their evil.

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Friday, May 19, 2017 

On a trip to USA, Erdogan ordered bodyguards to assault protestors at Turkish embassy

Recep Erdogan shouldn't have been allowed into the USA, but he was, and while Kurdish, Armenian and Yazidi activists were demonstrating against his tyranny at the Turkish embassy, new information reveals not only that thugs attacked demonstrators, but that Erdogan personally ordered the assaults:
A new video has emerged that appears to show Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally ordering his security detail to attack anti-regime protesters assembled on U.S. soil outside of the Turkish ambassador’s residence.

Watch as Erdogan, sitting in a tinted black Mercedes, gives orders to his bodyguards moments before they leave the embassy compound and enter American soil to pummel Kurdish, Yazidi, and Armenian demonstrators protesting peacefully against the human rights abuses of the Turkish regime.

What is definitively clear is that Erdogan stepped out of his vehicle to watch his thugs brawl against both D.C. Metropolitan police and peaceful demonstrators.
And then some of the bodyguards retreated back into the confines of the embassy for protection from justice. The violence they committed is very serious, and should be addressed in Congress. If the thugs can be caught, they should be prosecuted and jailed for what they did.

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Worries that Macron's trying to control press

As he assembles his cabinet, the new French president Emmanuel Macron's raised concerns he's trying to control the media, or those not under government influence already:
French President Emmanuel Macron held a special security meeting, spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and convened his Cabinet for the first time Thursday — all under a growing cloud of concern that his office is trying to control the press. [...]

Meanwhile, tensions have arisen over Macron’s policies toward media access, recalling similar conflicts over coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency in the U.S.

Some French political reporters said that Macron’s office called their media organization to designate specific journalists who will be able to cover Macron’s first trip outside Europe, scheduled in Mali on Friday.

In the past, French media would decide themselves who to send on presidential trips.

Castaner answered that he wasn’t aware of this specific issue but tried to reassure reporters, explaining there’s a need to limit the number of journalists during certain visits.

“As you’ve seen during the campaign, the presence of 50 journalists and a dozen (television) cameras can affect direct dialogue and discussions that the president has with the French,” he said. “It’s not about controlling. It’s not about imposing anything.”
Oh, but it is, in the ways of a socialist. Yet this is whom men like Francois Fillon and Nicholas Sarkozy decided to vote for, all because they believe the sins of Marine Le Pen's father must fall squarely upon the child and she's not allowed to prove otherwise. In some ways, Macron's not all that different from Barack Obama.

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Trump's unlikely to be critical of Islam in Saudi Arabia

If there's any issue where Donald Trump's likely to emerge a disappointment, it's in his visit to the main bastion of Islamofascism. Specifically, that it's quite likely he won't say anything negative about the Religion of Peace:
President Donald Trump will give a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia and will attend the opening of a center promoting moderate Islam, national security adviser H.R. McMaster revealed on Tuesday.

The speech will mark the beginning of Trump’s tour across the Arab world, which begins on Friday and will be his first as president. It follows key in-person meetings this year with allied heads of state in the Muslim world to discuss the eradication of radical Islamic terrorism, notably Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Jordanian King Abdullah II.

McMaster revealed that Trump will address leaders from 50 Muslim-majority countries, though he did not note which would specifically attend as he seeks to “deliver an inspiring but direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and the president’s hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam to dominate across the world.”

In addition to his remarks, Trump will also “participate in the founding of a new center intended to fight radicalism and promote moderation” in Saudi Arabia, a country known for its strong links with radical Islam.
Oh, this is honestly lethargic. With the horrific content of the quran and hadith, there's no way you can build a "peaceful" vision for it. And why do I get the feeling nobody will tell the Saudis to stop forcing women to wear niqabs and forbid them to drive cars? In which case, any attempt to build some "peaceful" vision will only result in failure.

Update: here's what the news tells about the Trump group's arrival:
The First Lady wore a long sleeved black dress, but did not wear a head covering, as she exited Air Force One with the president. Ivanka Trump also didn’t wear a headscarf, but exited from the plane via the back entrance with her husband Jared Kushner.
While it's good the ladies didn't wear such awful things like headscarves, Melania shouldn't have worn a long sleeved dress either. But on the plus side, if Kushner's Jewish, then it's great a Jew is able to enter a country where Jews have otherwise been forbidden to enter for many years.

Update 2: it looks like Trump gave a speech that was better than thought, and did mention Islamofascism, more or less.

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Hamas bans dog walking

As if further proof were needed just how pro-sharia Hamas is, they've banned walking dogs in public out of "morality":
Hamas has banned walking dogs in public in the Gaza Strip in order "to protect women and children" Hamas spokesman and leading religious figure Ayman al-Batniji told the Telegraph Thursday.

“In recent weeks, the phenomenon of young men walking with their dogs in the streets has widely spread. It is neither of our culture nor of our traditions. Children and women feel scared when they see dogs,” al-Batniji stated, adding that it is Hamas' "duty to maintain the safety of citizens."

No specific penalty for breaking the ban has been officially stated, however Hamas is known for their harsh punishments.
Then no doubt, they have something very nasty in store. And the PLO is really no different, because they ban alcohol consumption and condone forcing women to wear burkas and other oppressive clothing too.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 

Hebrew University causes anger by dropping national anthem

The Hebrew University in Israel, which is publicly funded, has stirred an outrage by dropping the national anthem to appease anti-Israeli Arabs:
An Israeli university's decision not to play the national anthem at a graduation ceremony has sparked outrage among senior government ministers.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem said the anthem won't be played at the Humanities Faculty event Thursday "out of consideration" for Arab participants.

Many members of Israel's Arab minority report feeling excluded by "Hatikva" ("The Hope") because of its emphasis on Jews' historic aspirations for statehood.

Hebrew University is a public institution that receives government funding. A similar move last year drew protest from faculty member and students.
So they're siding with scumbags who despise the formation of the modern state of Israel? In that case, public funding should by all means be suspended, or better yet, revoked altogether. They do not need to subsist on the taxpayers' shekels.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 

Can Marine Le Pen's parliamentary candidates do better?

She may not have won the presidential election in France, but she's going to make an effort in getting party candidates elected to French parliament (presumably with a name change for the party):
The anti-EU firebrand has rejoined the party after she briefly left ahead of the second round of voting for the presidential election last week, where she secured just 34 per cent of the vote.

But it is unclear if Ms Le Pen will be standing in the June parliamentary election as Front National position themselves to be a thorn in side of the newly elected president.

Despite winning the top job, Emmanuel Macron faces a bitter fight for power in the parliamentary elections as the centrist battles to push ahead with his progressive politics.

President Macron, who established centrist party En Marche! in April 2016, currently has no members from his own party in parliament.

The Europhile former banker will be forced to forge alliances with other parties to pass legislation through the assembly if he is unable to build a parliamentary majority.

And with a record low turnout and a huge number of abstentions and spoiled ballots, his rise to the presidency may not mean a large return of MPs.
We certainly hope not, but so far, there's no way to be sure, though if the Socialist party collapses, they'll deserve it. If estimates are correct, Le Pen's party could get a few dozen seats this time, which would be getting somewhere. They'll just have to make sure all candidates they're fielding uphold honesty and respect for racial backgrounds, if anything. Religion, on the other hand, should not be given privileges at all costs, even if a difference can be made between what religion is good or bad.

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Beit Shemesh is still a nightmare area

The Jerusalem Post describes how, at least 6 years after the horrific incident at Bnot Orot school in Beit Shemesh, Haredi hoodlums are still causing chaos:
After several years in which Beit Shemesh has dropped off the media radar, the troubled city was thrust back into the limelight last week when a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) youth lobbed a stone at a 50-yearold woman, injuring her and causing her to bleed profusely from the head.

But according to non-haredi residents and activists, despite the lack of attention the city has received, such incidents have been part of their lives for years and are an ongoing reality when entering extremist areas.

These extremists are part of a very small minority of the overall haredi community, often associated with radical Jerusalemite communities that originally came from the equally radical Mea She’arim neighborhood in Jerusalem, and are fiercely anti-Zionist, violent and puritanical in their approach to Jewish law in general and female modesty in particular.

For non-haredi Beit Shemesh residents, especially women, who pass through the most radical neighborhood in the city, Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, being spat at and cursed by children in the area occurs as a matter of course, while Israeli flags flying from cars are routinely ripped off

Even stone throwing, although relatively rare, is a well-known threat. Although there have been few incidents in which anyone has been injured, some residents have spoken of near misses where serious injury could have occurred.

Just this past Saturday night, a 15-year-old haredi youth threw a stone at a police patrol car, damaging the windshield, and was arrested over the incident.

Another resident, who is religious, wrote recently on a Facebook thread that haredi youths shouted “shiksa” at her daughter and threw part of a cement block at the group of girls she was walking with, narrowly missing one of them.

Indeed, social media is full of reports by Beit Shemesh residents of various attacks of one kind or another.
If they vandalize flags, that pretty much confirms those Haredi clan members are anti-Israel. But physical violence is far worse, and one writer at the Jewish Press warned that if nothing's done, we could be experiencing murder next. Mayor Moshe Abutbol's staff is partly to blame for this, because they refuse, deliberately or otherwise, to speak out against the thugs or take any other kind of action on their part to dissuade them. I think this is cause for filing another lawsuit against the city hall.

On a related note, there was another case of stone-throwing at vehicles:
A stone was thrown Tuesday at a bus travelling on Nehar Hayarden St. in Beit Shemesh. Nobody was injured and no damage was reported.

Police arriving at the scene joined the driver and after searching the site they located a 13-year-old boy suspected of throwing the stone. The boy was detained for interrogation in the Beit Shemesh police station.
His parents should face as much punishment as he should.

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