Monday, March 27, 2017 

Canada's parliament votes for censoring criticism of Islam

Dhimmitude at the Canadian parliament as Justin Trudeau's government runs a bill through that condemns "Islamophobia":
The Canadian government suffers from many things. Among them is bad timing.

On Thursday of last week, the Canadian Parliament voted through a blasphemy law specifically designed to protect Islam. As Al-Jazeera was happy to report on Friday, the previous day's vote condemned "Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination." The non-binding motion that the Parliament passed also requested that a Parliamentary committee should launch a study to look at how to "develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia". The motion passed by 201 votes to 91.

It is just as well for those 201 Canadian legislators that they were debating all this in their distinguished national Parliament rather than the mother of all Parliaments. For had these legislators been in the House of Commons in Westminster, their thoughts may have taken on a sharper focus.

For one day earlier, the British House of Commons lived through an example of rampant Islamism rather than "Islamophobia". And although nobody in Westminster decided to turn into a crazy Muslim-hating bigot, they did manage to see what a hateful Muslim bigot could do when armed with the simple weapons of a knife and a motor vehicle.

The Canadian Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, who introduced the motion in Canada, proclaimed that the introduction of a de facto Islamic blasphemy law in Canada was needed because "We need to continue to build those bridges among Canadians, and this is just one way that we can do this." Hours before she said that, one of Khalid's co-religionists was using a bridge built more than a hundred and fifty years earlier for a very different purpose.
This is just the kind of stuff that makes me lose respect for Canadian politicians, when they kowtow to such reprehensibility. It's especially offensive coming soon after cases of sexual assault by Muslim migrants were discovered at Canadian schools. All they're doing now is adding insult to injury. In fact, they're insulting the intellect of every decent European who's already experienced what Islam can do to a sane society.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017 

Beit Shemesh Haredi man arrested for raping youngster next to synagogue

A Haredi man was arrested for homosexual rape right near a synagogue:
Authorities filed an indictment Thursday against a Beit Shemesh man suspected of sexually assaulting a young boy next door to a synagogue, and then paying him a small sum to ensure he did not divulge what had happened.

Jerusalem district prosecutors charged 51-year old Avraham Eizenbach on two counts of performing indecent acts on a minor.

According to the indictment Eizenbach, who served as the warden (gabbai) of a Beit Shemesh synagogue, on two separate occasions pressured an 11-year old boy to follow him into a caravan next to the synagogue where the then proceeded to sexually assault him.

After the assaults, Eizenbach then paid the boy 20 shekels in exchange for his silence.

Last week police arrested Eizenbach, who has denied the charges against him. But prosecutors note that during interrogation, Eizenbach initially refused to cooperate with investigators and remained silent, only to admit to some of the charges later on as the investigation progressed.
Then he must be locked away in solitary for his heinous crime. IMHO, the mentality the Haredi extremists are pushing is exactly what's led to the acts they supposedly find objectionable, but are they going to do anything to repair the damage they caused? Don't bet on it.

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What's known about the jihadist who attacked at Westminster

The UK Telegraph provides some background about Khalid Masood, the jihadist who ran down pedestrians in London and attacked a few others with a knife before being shot by police:
Burly body-building enthusiast Khalid Masood, 52, was born in Dartford in Kent on Christmas Day 1964. His mother Janet Ajao gave birth when she was just 17 years old and brought him up as Adrian Russell Ajao.

The married father-of-three spent years moving round the country - and the prison system - with a host of different identities, including Adrian Elms.

He was most recently based in the West Midlands and had a history of violent knife crime, converting to Islam after years of criminality.
Here's also pictorial information about Masood. What's really angering now is that the UK's mainstream press is blaming the victims, starting with the very same paper that gave the primary profiling:
In their reporting and social media coverage, Britain’s Daily Telegraph has strongly implied Islamist Khalid Masood went on a killing spree in central London because he’d once been a victim of racism in the past.

‘First picture of Khalid Masood reveals how he went from football-loving teenager to London attacker’ — the Telegraph article, which seeks to make sense of the murder with the very little information about the individual presently available to the general public, relies heavily on details of a conviction of Masood dating back to 2003.

Reporting an incident where Muslim convert Masood stabbed a cafe owner in the face with a knife, the Telegraph reports: “Masood, may have eventually snapped because of racism in his village”. This is based upon Masood’s own account of why he attacked a neighbour in a picturesque East Sussex village, when he told Hove crown court that villagers had “ostracised” him.

Why they’d do a thing, given his response, one can only imagine.
Point: when somebody commits a violent, murderous crime, they throw away any validity their alleged case might have. And it's absolutely sick that the Telegraph's done this, as it legitimizes victim-blaming.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017 

Tolerant transgender activists vandalize bus with messages they despise

Some hoodlums who won't accept that gender cannot be changed biologically defaced a tour bus carrying a message they loathe:
Pro-family groups leased a big orange tour bus to highlight the big obvious — but perhaps temporary — fact that a person’s male or female sex is decided by biology, not by politics.

But before the bus could get out of New York, two attackers smashed several windows, punched holes in the side, and spray-painted political demands — “trans rights now!” and “trans liberation” — over the huge orange-and-white message on the side of the bus, which says:

It’s Biology

Boys are boys … and always will be

Girls are girls… and always will be.

You can’t change sex. Respect all.

The attack was inflicted after the conservative organizers had “call[ed] on all Americans to respect the free speech rights of citizens to debate these issues without fear of being demeaned, harassed, or threatened with retaliation.” The #FreeSpeechBus tour began Thursday in New York, and it is being led by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), International Organization for the Family, and CitizenGO.

“We filed a police report and there is video surveillance” of the two attackers damaging the bus and attacking the bus driver, Brian Brown, the director of the National Organization for Marriage, told Breitbart News. The attack took place near the United Nations building.
I wonder if it was UN activists who did it, or maybe even creeps sympathetic to all the evil the UN truly stands for? But for now, the vandals proved their cause isn't worth squat and they are sick.

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Crazy Israeli teen felon made bomb threats against Jewish centers in both countries

It turns out one of the culprits in the bomb threats made against Jewish centers in the US was a teenage felon with dual citizenship:
Police in Israel arrested a teenager Thursday with dual Israeli-American citizenship in connection with a series of bomb threats made to Jewish Community Centers across North America.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the arrest in a statement, saying the arrest was the culmination of a large-scale investigation spanning multiple continents for hate crimes against Jewish communities across the country.

"The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs. I commend the FBI and Israeli National Police for their outstanding work on this case,” Sessions said.
I would just take issue with Sessions' citation of "religious beliefs". This is a racial issue. Race comes first, religion second.

But this certainly does add a new dimension of anguish to the case. When somebody from the same crowd commits such a serious offense, it hurts said community considerably. Traitors in our midst should get special penalties for all the damage they lent themselves to.
Micky Rosenfield, a spokesman for the police in Israel, told the New York Times that the suspect made threats to institutions in Australia and New Zealand, as well as to a commercial airline flight, forcing an emergency landing. On Thursday, a judge ordered the teen held until at least March 30 and has imposed a gag order, forbidding authorities from releasing his name.

The suspect used “advanced camouflage technologies” to mask his identity and voice in the calls he allegedly made through the internet, according to the Times report.
This following report also notes that the teen used his technology to harass local centers as well:
The man, whose identity has not yet been released for publication, was suspected by police of involvement in a string of similar threats targeting institutions in Israel going back two and a half years.

[...] During his arrest, the suspect reportedly assaulted a female officer and attempted to steal her firearm.

Police say the teenager, a resident of the southern city of Ashkelon, is believed to have made hundreds of threats against community centers around the world, including in Israel, over the past two and a half years. [...]

The suspect was reportedly turned down by the IDF, which ruled him unfit for the military service.
He allegedly suffers from mental problems, but regardless, he did a terrible disfavor for many people, and should still face serious punishment for his crimes. What are the chances he comes from a family of leftists?

Update: further information's come in, suggesting the teen was working for foreign sources:
A teenager with dual US-Israeli citizenship who allegedly made hundreds of false bomb threats over the years to Jewish community centers around the world may have been paid for [by] foreign entities to do so, Channel 2 reported Thursday night. [...]

While the suspect is not cooperating with investigators – and has reportedly not spoken a word since his arrest – some digital evidence has been found that shed light on the case.

The special Lahav 433 investigation unit discovered a Bitcoin account operated by the suspect. A series of large deposits from overseas sources suggests the suspect may have been working on behalf of foreign interests.
This is definitely eyebrow-raising. He even took blood money to commit such an abominable act? It's absolutely disgusting.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 

An Islamofascist's house in Jerusalem is sealed off

The police entered an Arabic neighborhood in Jerusalem to seal off the house of a murdering terrorist:
Police officers and border guards entered the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood of East Jerusalem on Wednesday to seal off the home of a terrorist who killed four soldiers and injured many more in a truck ramming attack earlier this year, police said.

On January 8, Fadi al-Qanbar drove his truck into a group of army cadets and their civilian guides during a tour of Jerusalem’s promenade in Armon Hanatziv.

Four soldiers were killed — three women and one man — and 16 were injured in the attack

The driver accelerated as he struck the group then, after hitting the soldiers, put the vehicle into reverse and began to run them over a second time, amateur video footage showed.

[...] Soon after the attack, local media said al-Qanbar, 28, was in his 20s, married with four children, and had served time in Israeli prison.

He was shot by soldiers and a civilian guide, according to police, and died of his wounds.

Shortly afterwards, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan vowed Israel would never return the terrorist’s body and that al -Qanbar would be buried by security forces in a place to which his family would not have access to prevent the holding of a funeral where his acts would be celebrated.
It'd be better if they cremated the body, so then, there'd be nothing left to hold a funeral for.

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Terrorist attack in London's Westminster neighborhood leaves 3 victims dead

Even Britain's still in serious danger of jihadism, as today's horrible incident just proved. The Irish Times has the following:
Four people, including a police officer, two pedestrians and a knifeman have been killed in what police described as a “terror incident” at Westminster in London.

The attacker, armed with two large knives, mowed down pedestrians with his car on Westminster Bridge, including schoolchildren, then rushed at the gates in front of the Houses of Parliament, stabbing a policeman before he was shot by armed officers.

Scotland Yard said the attack in London, which took place on the first anniversary of attacks on Brussels, was being treated “as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise”.

The attacker, described by one witness as an Asian man in his 40s, ran over several pedestrians as he drove a grey Hyundai i40 across Westminster Bridge at about 2.45pm before crashing it into railings. He then ran through the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbed the officer.

Eyewitnesses said he was shot at least three times by police as he approached a second officer with the knife. He died later in hospital.

At least 10 patients, including three French teenagers on a school visit to London, were treated on Westminster Bridge, London Ambulance Service said.
Even in the UK, French have been victimized. These students are lucky to have survived.

Note that in Britain, "Asian" can allude to people of Arabic/Pakistani background. So we know who the culprit could've been, and he should go straight to hell for what he did.

Update: more news on Hot Air.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 

A third of Muslim students in France condone violence

A research study carried out by CNRS made a rather un-shocking discovery:
A study looking at the prevalence of radical ideology among high school students has found that French Muslims are much more likely to tolerate violence and to hold fundamentalist religious views than other pupils.

The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) study involved more than 7,000 students, aged between 14 and 16, who were studying at 21 schools and four academies in France.

Sociologists who conducted the survey, Anne Muxel and Olivier Galland, stressed the sample is not representative of French youth as a whole.

The schools included in the study are located in poor areas, with overrepresentation in the student body of pupils from working class backgrounds (41 per cent), students with immigrant backgrounds (38 per cent), and Muslims (25 per cent).

The CNRS reported that 11 per cent of respondents overall adhere to religious fundamentalism, which rises to 32 per cent among Muslim youths.

Mr. Galland noted a “striking difference” between the figure compared with six per cent of Christians and 0.6 per cent of non-Muslims identified by the governmental research organisation as “religious absolutists”.

“However, two-thirds of Muslims do not adhere to these ideas,” the sociologist added.

On the topic of the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher Islamist terror attacks, which took place in Paris in 2015, 32 per cent of respondents would not fully condemn the actions.

Just under 25 per cent of the young people questioned said they consider certain violent and deviant behaviours legitimate (stealing a scooter, confronting the police, and taking violent action for ideological reasons).

A third of Muslim schoolchildren (33 per cent) defended such actions, compared to 20 per cent of Christians, and 22 per cent of pupils who declare themselves as irreligious.
If they can't reeducate them, they must expel them from the schools. There's simply no place there for such savages.

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Monday, March 20, 2017 

Even far-leftists in France are causing misery and danger

It's not just the Muslim migrants who're making Paris and other parts of France dangerous. Even ultra-leftist hoodlums like Antifa took part in rioting at the expense of the city's safety:
Algerian flags mingled with Antifa banners as migrants and left wing extremists gathered on the streets of Paris to attack police and protest deportations in a “March for Justice and Dignity”.

The event was nominally organised to protest alleged police brutality in the case of an individual identified in the media as Théo – but despite that individual speaking out against the escalating violence in France, marchers used the occasion as an opportunity to bombard police with Molotov cocktails and burning flares in extraordinary scenes on Sunday.
This is absolutely repulsive. Clearly, it's not just the Muslim migrants who need to be deported. They even took up anti-Israeli positions. The education system is in terrible need of an overhaul to stop creatures like these from being brought about.

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UN rejects anti-Israeli report, and an anti-semite resigns

It looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel that is the UN. The Trump administration threatened already to cut funding for the UN, which should be done regardless. For now, Nikki Haley's efforts appear to be paying off, as the UN's backing away from an anti-Israel declaration, and one of the anti-semites on the staff there has quit:
The beginning of change? The UN rejected a report, compiled by one of its agencies, accusing Israel of Apartheid.

The secretary-general of the United Nations (UN) on Friday rejected a report, authored by UN officials, that accused Israel of establishing an “apartheid regime,” prompting the resignation of the head of the agency that authored it.

The report, compiled by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and titled “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid: Palestine and the Israeli Occupation,” was produced by Princeton Professor Emeritus Richard Falk, the UN’s former Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Palestine, and American political scientist Virginia Tilley of Southern Illinois University.

Both have a long history of anti-Israel activism.

The report “concludes, on the basis of overwhelming evidence, that Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid, and urges swift action to oppose and end it.”

ESCWA is comprised of 18 Arab states.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for the report to be removed from ESCWA’s website.

Anti-Israel Agency Head Steps Down

UN Under-Secretary-General and ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf announced her resignation, saying she was pressured by Guterres to withdraw the report.

“It was expected, naturally, that Israel and its allies would exercise immense pressure on the UN secretary-general to distance himself from the report and to ask for it to be withdrawn,” she said at a press conference in Lebanon.

When Guterres instructed her on Thursday morning to withdraw the report, “I asked him to review his position but he insisted on it,” Khalaf said. “Based on that, I submitted to him my resignation from the United Nations.”

“A secretary-general cannot accept that an undersecretary-general or any other senior UN official that reports to him would authorize the publication under the UN name, under the UN logo, without consulting the competent departments and even himself,” Dujarric said after Khalaf’s resignation. “It’s about senior officials dealing with a matter that implicates other parts of the system — that they consult and they coordinate.”
This is definitely good news. Even so, the UN by all means needs to be put out of business and not be funded on taxpayer money.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017 

How ultra-leftist Jews are building up anti-semitism

Isi Liebler explains how liberal Jewish leaders are practically encouraging what they supposedly have a problem with (and recently, I've begun to wonder if they really do want to put a stop to it):
What has taken place in leading mainstream American Jewish organizations during and since the elections can only be described as a self-induced collective breakdown. What might have been regarded as a temporary aberration has in fact intensified in recent weeks.

Let us set aside the fact that many of these liberal Jewish organizations have also distanced themselves from or even abandoned Israel. They have done so even though the Trump administration has the potential of restoring the U.S.-Israel alliance that then-President Barack Obama undermined in a vain effort to appease Muslims. It is also clear that, for many assimilated liberal Jews, Israel is no longer a priority, especially now that President Donald Trump has signaled his intentions to renew the alliance.

The facts are that liberal Jewish leaders have declared a hysterical war against the Trump administration. Led initially by the Anti-Defamation League but rapidly joined by the Reform and Conservative wings of the Jewish community, many Jewish community leaders have exploited their positions to endorse a vicious campaign in which Trump is portrayed as a satanic anti-Semite promoting fascism and racism, representing the antithesis of Jewish values. This, despite the reality that his presidency highlights an unprecedented acceptance of Jews at the highest levels of government.

Headed by CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama staffer, the ADL initiated its campaign during the elections by effectively echoing the far-left J Street. It accused Trump of tolerating and encouraging anti-Semitism and white supremacy and engaging in Islamophobia. Greenblatt went so far as to proudly announce that if immigration restrictions weighed against Muslims, he would proclaim himself a Muslim and called on Jews to do likewise.

At the same time, some progressive rabbis, usually without a mandate from their constituency, organized fasts and days of mourning in their synagogues and, donning prayer shawls and kippot, they paraded at the forefront of anti-Trump demonstrations that vulgarly undermined the presidency, emphasizing that their political stance was a product of their religious Jewish values.

Furthermore, they supported and participated in demonstrations led and hijacked by vicious anti-Israel Muslim activists such as Linda Sarsour and even convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh. In a similar vein, the ADL continues to promote Black Lives Matter despite its hatred of Israel and support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.
As far as I'm concerned, these "Jewish" movements are causing some of the anti-semitism themselves. I wouldn't be shocked if they do convert to Islam in the future, and for all we know, the Satmar could wind up adopting similar ideas, if they haven't done so yet. What's happening now is truly awful.

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Terrorist shot dead at Orly airport in France after trying to take soldier hostage

More results of Francois Hollande's disastrous policies took place at the Orly airport:
A man was shot dead Saturday morning at Paris’s Orly airport after he rushed a group of soldiers and seized one of their firearms.

Update 1300 GMT — Soldier was taken hostage, Family of would-be killer arrested
An eyewitness to today’s attack has told French media that he saw the attacker seize one of the soldiers on patrol at Paris Orly airport by the neck, holding her hostage while threatening the other two with the rifle he had taken. That the attacker was killed by gunfire from the soldiers and that no members of the security forces were injured in this confrontation suggests how the situation then panned out.

The father and brother of the dead suspect have now been arrested, a move which Le Figaro reports is normal procedure in such cases. The dead man was wanted by police for previous acts of armed robbery and his rap sheet had nine entries for crimes including drug trafficking and armed robbery.
This all comes after news that another Islamofascist slit the throats of 2 men elsewhere in Paris, and a poll revealed many people don't feel safe anywhere in the country:
Fearing terror attacks, the majority of people in France are pessimistic about the nation’s security situation, with six in 10 saying they no longer feel safe anywhere according to an IFOP-FIDUCIAL poll.

The survey found that 93 per cent of French believe the threat of more terror attacks is high, and 71 per cent feel the security situation in France has got worse over the last five years.
I hope the electorate will vote for either Marine Le Pen or Francois Fillon. I think Emmanuel Macron is ill-advised, however. Of all governments of recent, Hollande's truly scraped bottom, and has turned the country into pure hell.

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